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[eclipse-dev] Minutes from 10/16 planning meeting

Meeting notes 09/19

*** General ***

- reminder to all that the goal for the week is to get M2 out

*** Status ***

(teams which are not mentioned had no new status items to report)

    - already found bug that needs fixing for M2 (delete in tree and list)

    - some startup time improvements
    - investigating footprint/space distribution

Key Bindings:
    - base support is implemented, but no UI for M2

Project Structure:
    - proposal by end of week

    - looking at complexity around Features.
    - 4.0.7 Xerces integration
    - integrating class loading performance improvements in 2.0.2 stream
    - got first community contribution of a core tool -- a graphical view
of resource deltas

    - working on a GTK table GPF. It happens on GTK 2.0.2 or earlier
    - RH 7.3 comes with GTK 2.0.1
    - problem does not occur on our machines running GTK 2.0.5

    - IBM JRE 1.4 support
    - Applet launch support in the build
    - investigating external breakpoints

JDT Core:
    - support for configurable TODO task priorities
    - reconciler provides full fledge errors (not only syntax+name
    - hierarchy improvment: search with little match is faster, hierarchy
more fault-tolerant

    - Refactoring:
        - inline method call
        - change method signature: new support for add/remove parameter
        - use supertype where possible
        - extract constant
    - quick fix
        - fix usages of non-visible elements
        - fix for abstract methods in non-abstract types
        - fix to add additional catch clause
    - JUnit plugin tests now use the same logic as is done by PDE

Ant/external tools:
    - work on 1.5.1 support (will not be released into M2 available in

    - fixed all significant bugs
    - M2 should be close
    (... garbled phone noises ...)

    - help extensibility/configurability support added, but not released to
HEAD yet.

Rel Eng:
    - GEF builder + new Eclipe builder in 1..2 weeks
    - writing JUnit tests for the build outputs

*** Closing ***

- M2 is this week!
- on hook for 2.0.2 testing - should be next week after new Xercese is
- remember to update/post your M3 plans
- Last week we said we wanted to be finished committed items for 2.1 by
Christmas -- this is important.
- Ran a query on bug database: 32 outstanding P1 bugs
    - we said we don't want to have any in milestone builds, so we need to
look at these
       (notably: Are they really P1s? What is the impact? etc.)

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