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[eclipse-dev] Minutes from 10/19 planning meeting

Meeting notes 10/19

*** General ***

      Finish Plan for M2 with a target of October 18th - NEXT WEEK! (We
posted this in our meeting minutes from 9/19)
      -     October 15th: warm-up build - feature work continues
      -     October 16th: first candidate build
      -     October 17th: test day and fixing of critical bugs, recovery
build in the evening
      -     October 18th: final build. If this build isn't good enough we
will slip and build until we have a good one.

      Revisit your milestone plans to ensure you are on plan; remember our
goal to fix P1 defects for milestone builds.

      The 2.1 plan (
will be revised by the end of the week to reflect commitments to high
priority items.

*** Status ***
      Andre Weinand will do an Eclipse talk at NetObject Days (and will
demo the Mac OS X work)

dynamic team: key bindings
      Continuing progress.  The core function will be in for M2.  The UI to
customize key bindings will not be complete for M2.

dynamic team: flexible project layout
      The problem description and an enumeration of possible solutions has
been posted.  The team is on schedule to propose a specific solution by M2

dynamic team: circular project dependencies
      There are similar issues with the flexible project layout problem, so
we started a team to work on this in the background

      - implemented smart behavior for Home/End key

      - [CORE] progress on reporting all errors during reconciling
      - [DEBUG] code assist in conditional breakpoints
      - [DEBUG] code review of JDI client
      - [UI] new refactoring available in build (inline call, add
parameter, extract constant)
      - [UI] quick fix improvements (marker resolutions)

      - working on migration to 1.5
      - performance improvements

      - using xerces 4.0.7 in 2.0.2
      - working on spies to analyze eclipse performance

      - working on GEF builds for the Tools Project
      - interest in improving the process for creating/updating feature
      - improved update site builder
      - working on documentation for PDE build

      - working to M2 plan

      - can't use this weeks integration build (
      - Mac port is undergoing significant changes.  No builds will be done
on these new contributions for a few weeks until it stabilizes.

      - progress addressing defects
      - working on key bindings
      - background effort exploring wizard table of contents
      - lazy creation of views released to HEAD.
      - editor usability review in progress; action plan to be produced
this week.

PDE - we fixed couple of high-profile defects that will help the
self-hosting community (retargetting source locations and classpath
computation during import). We should have a PDE usability report by the
end of the week.

Help - ongoing work on defects and some eploration in the area of
InfoCenter and standalone help.

Update - we are done developing for 2.0.2 and are waiting for today's build
to put it through all the testing scenarios. It is our goal to use the time
between now and the next build (10/16) to iron out any issues we discover.

      - Kevin McGuire has started looking at how to make our Eclipse web

      - Jeff McAffer has started looking at performance - he is a focal
point for both analyzing priority use cases and focusing our effort of
fixing them; we all need to work on this with Jeff to succeed on this key
      - early discoveries:
      -- an optimization on in the classloader may provide 10% startup
performance improvement
      -- decorators trigger widespread plugin startup early - this
significantly slows down startup
      - REQUEST: please keep scalability in mind in all of our work.
Imagine (at least) 10x the input that you normally work with when
validating performance (examples: 100 editors, 500 plugins, 10k+ files in a

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