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[eclipse-dev] Flexible projects: step 2

First of all, thanks to everyone who took time to comment on the problem
definition for the inflexible project structure problem.  Everyone's
comments have been taken into consideration by the team.  For those who
haven't seen this, the problem is described in the following document.

Our next step has been to produce a document describing possible solutions.
We've tried to keep an open mind in this step, and describe a broad variety
of possible approaches to dealing with the problem.  This new document is
posted here:

Once again, feedback on this document is very welcome.  In particular, let
us know if there are possible solutions we have missed, and if you have
further arguments for or against a particular solution.  The final step
will be to produce a document describing the precise solution we intend to
implement.  Please follow up with any comments to the platform-core-dev
mailing list.

The "Flexible Project Structure" Team

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