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[eclipse-dev] Minutes from 10/02 planning meeting.

Meeting notes 09/19

*** General ***

Good News:
- the team milestone plans are on the web
- retrospective on first dynamic team provided useful information:
    - they work
    - each problem needs an owner who is ultimately responsible for
shipping it
    - interaction between team members can not be just email (regular phone
calls are good)

Not so good news: ;-)
-a breaking change was accidentally introduced in the UI component split.
We need to make sure that we don't just "be nice" and fix our code to work
around the problem when this happens. Any time this happens to us, it will
happen to the community as well, so the right answer is to fix the original
bug (the breaking change) instead.

*** Status ***

Key Bindings dynamic team:
- good progress being made
- expect to have base support in for M2
- A request was made for a plan to show when various aspects of the
solution (API, implementation, UI) will show up.

- work continues
- bringing a new hire up to speed
- eclipse article effort

Project Structure dynamic team:
- problem description complete
- worked through solutions to the four main problems
- expect to have a new document with detailed solution description soon

Jeff McAffer's Japan trip report:
- was at JavaOne Japan
- his perception is that there is not enough notice of Eclipse yet.
- those who have seen it really like it.
- he presented at a Java IDE panel (Sun ONE, Eclipse+WSAD, JBuilder)
    - talk went well
    - some confusion about what is a Java IDE (Audience question: Why pay
for JBuilder when Eclipse is free?)
-DBCS support on linux is high priority

Rel Eng:
- continuing work on builder
     - roll out
     - improvements
- test framework is out
    - builder uses same test framework
    - supports using different JDKs now

- continuing to work on 2.1 M2 items

- team mostly focussing on Mac

- fixing defects

- focus groups providing good feedback
- fixed a long standing bug

- 2.0.2 work is in
- tweaked model to support emergency fixes (with removal)

- "step into selection" allows you to quickly step into a method call
without having to step into the evaluation of arguments.
- new: monitor lock view part - shows who is holding a lock and who is
waiting for a lock
- JRE class path containers add the JARs in the installed JRE's extension
directory to the build class path.
- refactoring:
    - new: add parameter refactoring
    - new: extract constant refactoring
    - progress on inline method call
- additional quick fixes for errors
- work on performance improvements for searching in type hierarchies
- class path variables are now reinitialized on each start-up
- progress on improved formatter. Decided for an approach based on
configuration options instead a template based approach.

- org.eclipse.ui plugin split

- fixed internal problems related to the new split plugin structure
- reminder: this should not break others

*** Other News ***

- Circular Dependencies dynamic team has been started
- Fewer defects being reported since R2.0 is out. Also, rate of PR fixing
has gone down as concentration is split with new feature work
- There has been a request for mirroring support for BIDI -- IBM Israel has
offered to help
- usability: clarifying editor management
    - statement up front
    - review comments

*** Closing ***

- It's clear that we have been making good progress, but it's important
that we make progress every day.
- Quality is extremely important: We should only be seeing new bugs in new

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