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[eclipse-dev] Solved RE: MacPort Launch Problems


You hit the nail on the head about your comment earlier potential being a
library conflict. I found an older xerces.jar file in my Java Extensions
directory (/Library/Java/Extensions). I removed it and now Eclipse works
like a charm. I kinda feel sorry for Windows users. Eclipse doesn't look
nearly as good on that platform.

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> Sent: Wednesday, 25 September 2002 12:50 AM
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> Subject: RE: [eclipse-dev] MacPort Launch Problems
> >Yep. I downloaded 20020920 unpacked it using stuffit 7.0 (as per the
> >instructions. I've been aware of the file truncation issue for a
> while) and
> >attempted to run it. I wonder what it is.
> So it failed?
> >I would assume the application
> >doesn't rely on environment variables does it?
> No. However make sure that you don't have one of the lucene or xerces jars
> on your class path. (I looked at your stacktrace again and found that you
> are crashing in xerces, so it is very likely that you have
> another incompatible
> version of it on your classpath).
> >I wonder what it is about my
> >machine that doesn't like the build. (mind you I've never gotten
> any of the
> >builds to work).
> >
> >I've experimented before this with trying to get it to run otherwise by
> >trying to compile the source but unsuccessfully.
> I never tried to build everything from source on the Mac.
> But I have no doubt that it would work. However the result will be same
> than the pre-build drops.
> >I should be able to compile Eclipse from it's source should I
> not? Does it
> >require assembling components together afterwards?
> I never did that, so I don't know how that works.
> But I'm always building swt.jar and dll from source frtom within Eclipse,
> and that works without a hitch.
> --andre
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