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Re: [eclipse-dev] build name inconsistencies

My cron job scripts consist of many bourne shell scripts. In retrospect, I think I would have
been better off using Perl or even Java. I use lwp-download to download the builds (was installed
on my linux box). The interesting script guessing the build date and time (parsing the download page)
I attached to this mail. Once you have the date and time, it's quite easy to put together the URL of the
build and download with lwp-download.

-- Claude
PS: You'll have to change the URL in the script to point to the public download page.

Jared Burns <jared-eclipse@xxxxxxxxx>
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23.09.2002 15:37
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The build naming funkiness has traditionally broken my scripts as well. I
have a script that downloads and installs builds for me from our local
netware server. I recently got tired of updating the scripts so I changed the
script to be more tolerant (searching for any file with the date and "gtk" or
"motif" in the filename).

We've talked about writing a cron job to grab the latest builds for us, but I
haven't gotten around to it. Would you mind sharing the script that you use?

- Jared
P.S. On the off chance that it might be useful to someone, I'm attaching my
selfhosting install script.

On Monday 23 September 2002 05:30 am, you wrote:
> I just discovered that there are new prefixes 'M-' and 'S-Mx-' (where x is
> the milestone number).
> However, the name of the links on the download page for M1 still use the
> 'I' (integration) prefix.
> It would be nice if these kind of differences in build name prefixes could
> be kept at a minumum.
> I have a hard time updating my cron jobs (which download the builds -
> potentially every night of a workday)
> in sync with the download page.
> -- Claude

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