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[eclipse-dev] Minutes from 09/19 planning meeting

Meeting notes 09/19

*** General ***

      We did a short retrospective on M1.
      -     what worked:
                  we are starting to roll again
                  the testing day was done
      -     what did not go well:
                  the build was painfull...
                  -     we have forgotten to care about stable builds...
                  -     build problems did not receive enough attention
from teams
                  -     the milestone finish was not clearly layed out.
                        ->finish plan for M2 is layed out below

      -     bugs were only tagged as M1 after they were fixed
            -> we will try to tag important bugs that we want
            to commit for a milestone with the milestone.
            We will not tag all potential bugs with the milestone.

      Finish Plan for M2 with a target of October 18th:
      -     October 15th: warm-up build - feature work continues
      -     October 16th: first candidate build
      -     October 17th: test day and fixing of critical bugs, recovery
build in the evening
      -     October 18th: final build
      If the build isn't good enough we will slip and build until we have a
good one.

      Two new cross component teams were formed to work on
      challenges from the top ten list

      -     more flexible project layout:
            DJ, Philippe, Jeem, Chris, John A

      -     user customizable key bindings:
            Mike, Andre, Kai, Chris, Steve

      Ant UI/Ant Core was transitioned to the Debugger team.

*** Status ***

Cross component team: Navigation History
      -     a first cut of the navigation history is in the milestone
            more tuning is needed

      -     UI work on improved editor management (many open editors)
      -     investigation on key bindings
      -     accessibility issue: no keyboard access to table header

      -     text component splitting: investigated in alternative using

      -     project structure investigations

      -     MacOS port is part of the official build and
            downloadable from the download page!
      -     drag&drop support for GTK

      -     investigation in better support for configuration projects,
            projects that maintain a map of versions of other projects.

      -     usability testing has started

      -      exact search support

      -     all work is done in the 2.0.2 stream, 26 fixes for 2.0.2

      -     generating tasks from source is surfaced in the UI
      -     core test projects are surfaced in the repository
      -     method entry breakpoints on source methods
      -     in progress:
            -     batching JavaModel operations
            -     per project settings
                  -     instance filters for breakpoints
                  -     pluggable detail formatters
                  -     import/export of JRE settings as preferences

      -     the build did really not go well
      -     clarified ownership of feature projects

*** Action Items ***

      -     2.1 proto plans for the different components.
            Where it makes sense the items should be grouped into:
                  new function
                  architectural issues

      -     Milestone 2 plans on the web

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