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[eclipse-dev] ERROR in build submissions - PLEASE FIX!

Hi folks,

There are errors in the build submissions for todays integration build.  The build can not proceed until these are done.

Typically what is going on with these is the code in HEAD has the 2.1.0 plugin versions but HEAD has not been versioned and released to the map files.

I have done this for features and plugins owned by releng but there are some teams I can not do this for since the plugins contain real code.

Please fix the plugins you are responsible for ASAP and let us know so we can build.

org.eclipse.pde.source/plugin.xml:   version="2.0.0"   version="2.0.0"
org.eclipse.ui.examples.javaeditor/plugin.xml:   version="2.0.0"
org.eclipse.ui.examples.multipageeditor/plugin.xml:   version = "2.0.0"
org.eclipse.ui.examples.propertysheet/plugin.xml:   version = "2.0.0"
org.eclipse.ui.examples.readmetool/plugin.xml:   version = "2.0.0"
org.eclipse.ui.externaltools/plugin.xml:   version="2.0.0"
org.eclipse.ui/plugin.xml:   version="2.0.0"
org.eclipse.ui.tests/plugin.xml:   version="2.0.0"

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