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[eclipse-dev] Eclipse 2.0.2

Hi folks,

There is going to be another service release on the 2.0.0 stream.  Here are the ground rules as far as building and cvs goes.

1) The version will be 2.0.2.  It will contain a small set of fixes to show stopping problems for people shipping their products on Eclipse 2.0.
2) For the 2.0.2 version please continue to use the 2.0.1 branch.  This seems goofy since I chose a poor name for the branch in the first place.  Pretend this branch is called something like 2.0.0_service_packs.  I don't think anything is gained by branching the tail of the 2.0.1 branch (since we will never make a
3) I have  versioned off the org.eclipse.releng/map files that where used to make 2.0.1 as 2.0.1_shipped.  This will help us track changes between 2.0.1 to 2.0.2.
4) We will start up a 2.0.2 build area and process just as we had for 2.0.1 when it was in development.  It will have integration builds only.  The integration builds will happen Wednesday mornings at 8:00 am and as requested for rebuilds etc.
5)  ***PLUGIN VERSIONS*** - Please only change the versions of plugins that will change for 2.0.2.  If a plugin does not change then the plugin version stays the same (either 2.0.0 or 2.0.1).  Let me know if you ref a plugin version so I can update the feature.xml

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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