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[eclipse-dev] eclipse segfaults on startup (linux)


first post, after 3 days of searching, reading and trying.

I have got two Linux-Systems (Gentoo) running, one Pentium3, one
Athlon-TB. Both Systems are mostly synchronous, except of march-Argument
for gcc (for Pentium3 it is -march=i686, for Athlon it is -march=athlon-tbird).
On the Pentium3 eclipse works fine, on the Athlon System eclipse crashes
on startup (Jvm exited: Signal 11, no log-output).

I have tried with different JDK's (blackdown 1.3.1, sun 1.4.0, sun
1.4.1-rc), I have tried motif and gtk version of eclipse (3 different
versions), I have tried to put eclipse-directory in, start
from eclipse-directory or outside, no chance.

On the Athlon System the Java-Plugin for Konqueror works fine, NetBeansIDE
works (ok, it starts, but I don't wan't to use it ;o). So, I assume, it
is not the Java-Environment.

As mentioned, I googled, search the eclipse-newsgroups/mailinglist, posted in
gentoo-forum, no response or solutions.

Has anyone a hint to look for me?

My brain is my second favorite organ.
		-- Woody Allen

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