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Re: [eclipse-dev] Eclipse 2.0 on Mac OS X 10.2


I upgraded from OS X 10.1.5 (where Eclipse 2.0 was working) to OS X 10.2
last night - and now the panels are jumbled all over the place and the
app doesn't work at all.

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mailing list: platform-swt-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx

Any ideas/tips?  It was such a pain to install
in the first place, I'd had to have to do it again!

My latest builds all support Jaguar 10.2 very well and I firmly believe
a complete install of Eclipse 2.0 on MacOS X takes under two minutes (without counting the download). You find the last "official" drop (Eclipse_2.0.dmg.gz from August 8) at the bottom of the SWT Development Resources page.

And since you already had Eclipse running, its even easier: just get the SWT plugin (SWT_for_Carbon_plugin.dmg.gz) and replace your old SWT plugin with it.

(BTW: You can find the latest "inofficial" build here:
It has an additional plugin with a MacOS X specific launch
configuration and support for browsing help).

Hope this helps...

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