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[eclipse-dev] Linux/Motif .Xresources/.Xdefaults -- for Web site

I've attached a decent Xdefaults/Xresources file for Linux users for 2.0
2.0.1.  I'm posting it here in the hopes one of the Motif developers can
put it up on the Eclipse web site or in the Linux/Motif distribution
README file.

It makes colors and fonts much nicer, and fixes cut and paste so it is
consistent with the Java editor (e.g., ^X/^C/^V).

Sadly, at least the RedHat I'm using, 7.3, doesn't have nice Motif
defaults, hence Eclipse looks pretty bad (I don't think this is a
problem under the other UNIX versions, folks in my group on Solaris
seemed to have better luck) -- and the cut/paste thing is very annoying
(Editor works one way, dialogs work another).

One would load this file with the command "xrdb -merge .Xresources". 
Automatic load under KDE is a tad tricky at run level 5. (I'll do up a
draft web page on how this works for KDE and GNOME if there is interest
-- if so, send me an email).

This is the most general list I subscribe to (I'm on the JDT lists only)
so hope this isn't too off the mark for this list.  This issue has come
up many time within our group so...

Take Care,
Tim Halloran
Carnegie Mellon University
! Motif fixes for cut and paste
*XmText.translations: #override\n\
	Ctrl<Key>c: copy-clipboard()\n\
	Ctrl<Key>v: paste-clipboard()\n\
	Ctrl<Key>x: cut-clipboard()\n
*XmTextField.translations: #override\n\
	Ctrl<Key>c: copy-clipboard()\n\
	Ctrl<Key>v: paste-clipboard()\n\
	Ctrl<Key>x: cut-clipboard()\n

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