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[eclipse-dev] PROBLEMS Using CVS from Eclipse

I'm having some problems using CVS from Eclipse.
The fact is that I want to import a project into the CVS repository that is
on a Linux Server.  I configured the Repository Location using pserver as
connection type.  On the other hand I configured the cvspserver service on
the Linux machine.  I put my user/passwd correctly and finally y tried to
import the project using the "Team > Share Project"  feature.
Well...I've got an this error message:
Problem Occurred
The server reported warnings while performing the "cvs import" command.
And pressing the "<<Details" button I've got:
cvs server: cannot open /root/.cvsignore: Permission denied.

I think is logic to get this message because I do not have permission to
put a file in /root/.

Why is Eclipse o CVS trying to put or look up this file in such place?

Doing the same operation as root is satisfactory at the beginning, but when
I try to "commit" I get this other message:
Problems encountered performing commit
cvs [server aborted]: cannot commit files as root

So ! I'm deadlocked ! Help me please!
Thank you!

Ing.Mauro Daniel Ardolino
Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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