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Re: [eclipse-dev] Command Line Compilation

This raises the question how one might setup a "nightly build" if you
are doing Eclipse plug-in's development (like the smart folks on this
mailing list :-).  Ant would work but is complex:

(1) Plug-in classpaths are complicated and depend upon the versions of
    dependent plug-is; the XML makes this easy within the graphical but
    it is tricky in plain-old Ant.  I guess you need to look at the
    .classpath and get Ant to understand that (somehow).
(2) SWT is not portable from the point of view of a Plug-in (I suspect
    this could be hidden from a plug-in if directory names were
    changed) e.g., the .classpath file for a Windows project plug-in
    is different from a Linux version (we have run into this issue
    several times..and have checked-in ".classpath_linux",
    ".classpath_osx" -- Windows folks get the real ".classpath" since
    they are the majority within our group.

Anyone had any luck doing "command-line" nightly builds of Eclipse
plug-ins, with Ant or any other tools?

Take Care,
Tim Halloran
On Tue, 2002-08-13 at 11:10, David Whiteman wrote:
> You can use Ant to do this, using "javac".
> In general, this type of question is best asked on the 
> newsgroup.
> David
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> We're trying to  automate our build process and need to be able to compile 
> java projects from the  command line.  Is this possible with Eclipse?  
> I've read through  everything I can find in the help documentation, but I 
> can't find anything on  this.
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