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[eclipse-dev] Newbie questions

I've just started using Eclipse 2.0, and I just joined the list, so please forgive and redirect if these aren't questions applicable to the topic.
1) Is there any way to remap some of the keybindings in the menus? For example, the "t" in the Edit menu is mapped to both "Cut" and "Show Tooltip Description", which means "Alt-E-T" doesn't immediately "Cut", like it does in any other editor. Can I remap this from within the Eclipse UI, and if not, where in the source could this be changed? Another example: Alt-Backspace acts as Undo in just about every other editor, but not here. Where/how could I set up custom key bindings?
2) The cursor color currently isn't configurable from within the UI (at least, not that I've found, anyway). This means if you set a black background (as I do), the cursor just disappears.
3) Ant support within Eclipse: I can't find any way to do bind a keystroke (like F9) to an Ant target.
4) CVS folders show up in the Package Explorer--is there any way to turn those off so they're just masked and hidden? It's distracting.
Again, if there's an eclipse-users list, please forward me there, but I couldn't find one on the mailing list page.
Ted Neward
{ .NET && Java } Author, Instructor

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