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[eclipse-dev] Heads up: keyring file format change

This is just an advance warning that the file format for the .keyring file
will change as of tomorrow's integration build.  The .keyring file is used
to cache passwords in a cryptographically secure file in your workspace.
What this means:

1) If you're upgrading from an older build to a builder > 20020729:

 - No action is required.  You will get a warning message in the .log file
that the keyring file format has changed, and that cached information will
be lost.  You will have to re-enter any passwords that were stored there.
This happens automatically, so there is nothing for you to do in this

2) If you take builds > 20020729, then want to go back to 2.0 or older:

 - You will have to manually delete the .keyring file from you workspace
metadata area.  If you don't, you will get error messages on every startup
that the file could not be read.  Unfortunately older builds were not
designed to be forwards-compatible, so we weren't able to make this case
any smoother.  Since moving back to an older build is relatively uncommon
(and is not supported in general), this should not be a problem for most

If you have any questions, you can voice them on the newsgroup.  If you
encounter a bug with this, please enter a bug report in bugzilla against
Platform Core.

John Arthorne
Platform Core Team

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