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RE: [eclipse-dev] Re: JSP Support

Lomboz ( provides some support for JSP syntax checking (as you save). No coloring though. It also hooks you into other app servers and has ejb support. Don't know how good it is yet, as I just tried it 10 minutes ago...
However, if you create a sample XML editor plugin and set up a file association for *.jsp to the sample xml editor, it gives a decent start at highlighting.
-- Scott
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Yes there is a Eclipse Tomcat plugin available from the sysdeo company (go to

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>Unfortunatly, this is the only thing that is preventing me from using it
>more. I go back to Forte or NetBeans to do my web development.
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>Alexandru Balut said:
> > Someone asked this (2002.07.04) and there is no reply.
> >
> > It would be a nice plugin. :)
> > Or should I say "It will be a nice plugin."? ;)
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