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[eclipse-dev] Eclipse next steps: beyond 2.0

Now that we have Eclipse 2.0 posted, it is time to look on to the next
Our goal is to make Eclipse 2.x a platform that products can develop on for
time.  To make this occur, we need maintenance and ongoing development on
Eclipse 2.x.

First, we are working on a maintenance release, named 2.0.1.  We will focus
fixing the most serious bugs that are important to 2.0 based products.  The
for 2.0.1 is not final, but a good estimate is approximately "September",
2002 (give
or take  a little) for a completion date. We  have already established a
milestone  for work on this release - "2.0.1".   We will announce when we
marked the bugs we will fix for 2.0.1 in bugzilla so that you can check
whether the
bugs you consider most serious are also included in this set.

In addition, our ongoing development (the work in the HEAD stream) will be
our 2.1 release.  2.1 will include many bug fixes and a few key functional
enhancements - again based on community feedback.  The timeline for 2.1 is
not final either, but we should finish in the first quarter of 2003.  We
have a
bugzilla milestone for this release also - "2.1". We will add additional
milestones as we get further into the development cycle. The builds on the
stream have already started.

We need everyone's continued help in making Eclipse successful.  We have
received bug reports from over 1000 different reporters during 2.0 (the
last 8
months); this reflects significant growth in our community.  We need your
ongoing contributions  to make 2.0.1 and  2.1  successful - not only bug
but also patches, help on functional enhancements, articles, ongoing
involvement in our public forums, etc.

We will be spending time this summer exploring ways to improve Eclipse -
technical content and process.  Everyone's help in making Eclipse better is

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