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Re: [eclipse-dev] New way to do build submissions

There would be no technical problem with moving it or, in fact, creating a new file.  The build process picks up all the *.map files in that directory.  However, I think we want to stay away from creating a bunch of files that only hold 1 plugin.  There are a few files like that already.

That being said, we could take a shot at organizing these files along feature lines, however, there is feature overlap so that would not quite work.  Also features contain too many plugins.  If we have all the plugins in one file it will be a nightmare close to build time and lots of changes will have to be merged.

What is the proposed location for the search plugin?


"Daniel Megert" <Daniel_Megert@xxxxxxx>
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07/16/2002 04:32 AM
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I think we should move the Search plug-in to another map (either or
a new one: It doesn't belong to JDT UI and is currently part
of the platform feature.


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