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[eclipse-dev] New way to do build submissions

Hi folks,

There will now be a new way to provide build submissions for integration builds.  This is moving towards taking the magic out of our build process and exposing it to the open source community.  It is not the final answer, but it is a step in the right direction.  Stay tuned to see more steps in the future.  Feel free to make comments and suggestions.  The best place to post build and release kinds suggestions is the platform-releng-dev@xxxxxxx mailing list.  

In the past commiters have sent email to myself and Sonia telling us which versions of their plugins to release to an integration build.  Now the map files have been released to and you can make your changes there yourself.

The cvs project is org.eclipse.releng.  In there you will find a map directory containing *.map files.  There is one file for each team.  Please note that all commiters have access to all *.map files, so be careful.

The map files in the HEAD stream represent the plugin versions that are used to build integration builds in the 2.1 stream. There is also a R2_0_1 branch.  This represents the plugin versions that are used to build integration builds in the 2.0.1 stream (once we start building that stream).

Integration builds will start automatically Tuesdays at 8:00 am eastern standard time and will use the map files from the HEAD stream.  The build will also version the map files with the build id.  It is up to the developers to make sure the right code and versions are released.  The builds will start on a cron job (just like the Nightly build) so missing the deadline will mean the wrong stuff will be built.

Nightly builds are always built out of the HEAD of each pluign.  However, only the plugins listed in the map files are fetched.  So if you add a new plugin you must add a line to the appropriate map file before Nightly builds will build your new plugin.

If you have any questions please let me know.  The format of the file will be familiar to anybody that used to mail us build submissions.


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