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Re: [eclipse-dev] Why eclipse-dev gets so many user posts -- and why they won't stop

>>>>> "Timothy" == Timothy Halloran <thallora@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

Timothy> In general, I recommend archives be public -- even developer
Timothy> lists -- this helps new folks (like our friend who is trying
Timothy> to build the source code) from asking questions that have
Timothy> been answered or having to join the mailing list just to
Timothy> search it.

Hi Timothy.  I totally agree with your assessment.  The use of
password-protected newsgroups is definitely a barrier to entry.  So is
the lack of a way to build Eclipse from source (we're still struggling
with that one here, unfortunately).

I'd also like to see a cvs commit mailing list, so that developers can
get email when something is committed.  Other projects do this
routinely; I think it is fair to say it is a "free software best
practice".  For instance, the gcc project has several such lists, and
commits to different parts of the tree get sent to the appropriate
list automatically.  I'd be happy to provide scripts for use in
CVSROOT if someone at can set up the appropriate commit

If there's some more appropriate place to request the cvs commit list,
tell me and I'll moe the discussion there.


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