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[eclipse-dev] Please check the following chkpii errors

The following chkpii errors where generated for the I20020624 build.  This tool checks for problems in NLS translatability and accessibility compliance.  If the file should not be included in the check (because it never makes it into a drop) please let me know so I can exclude it from checking.  Otherwise please try to fix the error for the next drop.

If you have any questions please let me know.

        Core Team
        UI Team
        Update Team
        Platform SWT
Common errors to try and avoid with HTML are:
        Embedded style sections.  While this is allowed by HTML it messes up the translation department.
        Missing Meta tag with charset.  Copy the meta tag from one of the about.html files.
        FACE attribute should not be used in FONT tag.  While valid in HTML this violates accessibility standards.  (It means the HTML will not honour system fonts).
        PDE UI

        No Errors <yay>


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