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Re: [eclipse-dev] integrating Eclipse with JProbe

I am only aware of JProbe support for Eclipse R1.0, with installation 
instructions at

However, if there is an incompatibility with 2.0, it should not prevent 
Eclipse from starting.
Do you have anything in your .log file (under .metadata)?
If so, could you please enter a bugzilla report against Platform-UI, 
including the details below, and attaching the .log file?


"Sharad Jain" <sharad_j@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Sent by: eclipse-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx
06/21/02 02:35 PM
Please respond to eclipse-dev

        To:     <eclipse-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx>
        Subject:        [eclipse-dev] integrating Eclipse with JProbe

JProbe integration requires copying their files  to
Once this is done the eclipse fails to start,  giving Exit code = 2.
Not certain but this happens with any other  plugin in general
that is installed in the eclipse/plugins  directory.
Any clue ?
-sharad jain

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