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Re: [eclipse-dev] Java DOM: does an overview chart/grammer exist?

Tim,   There is no "quick reference" at present, but it would clearly be
useful if there was. The Java grammar for the Java DOM/AST currently
dispersed in the javadoc comments of subclasses of ASTNode are based on the
2 grammars in JLS2 (the ones used in the body of the text and the one in
section 18), but there are a number of places where they are loosened up
and/or simplified for the purposed of describing the AST.

If you do end up creating one, please contribute it!

Jim des Rivieres

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Is there (someplace on the web or in a document) a one-pager overview
chart of the Java DOM showing the Java grammar used for the AST and the
relationship the the DOM AST classes.  I know the bits and pieces are in
the JavaDoc but I was hoping "quick reference" might exist somewhere.

If not, maybe I'll try to create one!

Tim Halloran
Carnegie Mellon University

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