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[eclipse-dev] Eclipse compiles all my *.java classes when I start the IDE

I have a web application that I’ve been using Cygwin, Ant and a Homesite (Text Editor) to build for the last few months.  I want to “experiment” with using eclipse to do my java development, but everytime I open my project, eclipse compiles all my *.java files and puts them in the same directory as it’s *.java equivalent.  I basically just created a new java project and pointed to my project’s existing directory.  My project’s directory structure is as follows:



            -- src

                        -- myproject

                                    -- com…

                        -- WEB-INF

            -- web



Also, is there any way to make eclipse run Ant (and other external programs) without popping up a DOS Window?  When I run my Ant compile task in Eclipse, I get a jikes window that pops up.  It takes me about 5 seconds to run “ant compile” in Cygwin, but about 10-15 in Eclipse.




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