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Re: [eclipse-dev] Build instructions / howto's about that.

The following bug report is related to building Eclipse from source. You
can add yourself to the CC field to track progress.


                      Martin van den                                                                                          
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                      06/02/2002 06:06                                                                                        
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Hi everyone,

I looked at the website, but couldn't find any usefull pointers.
Since I am currently developing a plugin for eclipse, I am intersting
of building eclipse from source everytime I would need to (the java part
that is). Is there a simple way / generic way I can build it (also
interesting because of my plugin, which could build eclipse with some
nice statistics, see for
possible output/use of maven (which doesn't contain a reference to the
plugin project yet, still setting up the site). (it is based on ant).
Maybe interesting to use anyway.

Also it is hard to figure out which modules are still needed for the
current HEAD of eclipse.

Hope someone can give me some hints in that direction.

Martin van den Bemt

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