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[eclipse-dev] DAV&FTP are now downloadable features

Just a note that the DAV and FTP target management providers and clients
are now available via a downloadable feature, as we had planned, rather
than being part of the base SDK like they were in recent builds.

To get them:

1. open the update manager
2. in Feature Updates view, create a bookmark to
3. expand the bookmark
4. under Eclipse SDK 200206121744 category you'll find the Eclipse FTP and
WebDAV Support feature
5. select it and hit Install (button in the Preview view)
6. after restarting the workbench, you will see the project menu
Team->Target Site, and a new view under "Target Management".

Bug reports are to be logged as usual ('vcm' component for provider and FTP
client, 'webdav' component for dav client, 'vcm' if you are unsure).

The Team team

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