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Re: [eclipse-dev] [Bug 20044] Unable to scroll license text using keyboard

I approve fixing it for 2.0.

"Mike Wilson" <Mike_Wilson@xxxxxxx>
Sent by: eclipse-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx
06/12/02 02:41 PM
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        Subject:        [eclipse-dev] [Bug 20044] Unable to scroll license text using keyboard

Please see comments in this PR. The problem is serious (end result: You 
can not use arrow keys or tabs in *Text* widgets (doh!)), but will not 
prevent F3 testing from happening. We are investigating the nature of the 
problem. If the fix is localized and reasonably safe, I would like us to 
consider putting it in for R2.0, even if only for SWT to save face. More 
details to follow. 

Architecture Team to comment, please. 


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06/12/2002 12:46 PM 
        To:        Mike_Wilson@xxxxxxx 
        Subject:        [Bug 20044] Unable to scroll license text using 

dejan@xxxxxxxxxx changed:

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------- Additional Comments From dejan@xxxxxxxxxx  2002-06-12 12:46 
Moving to SWT for comments:

We have a Text widget that we create the following way:

                                 text =
                                                  new Text(
          | SWT.BORDER
          | SWT.V_SCROLL
          | SWT.H_SCROLL
          | SWT.READ_ONLY);

The widget is in the wizard page.

On Linux, we can use keyboard to scroll the widget vertically using 
PageUp/PageDown, but cannot scroll it horizontally (none of the arrow keys 

work - left, right, up or down).

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