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[eclipse-dev] Images and window handles

We have encountered a problem on Windows that is particularly serious on
Win98. If you have images in GIF format, they get converted into ICON
objects under the covers. As long as image size is up to 32x32, this is OK.
However, if you have larger images (banners etc.), you will quickly run out
of handles on Win98.

Workaround is simple: use GIF for icons (16x16) and JPEG for larger images
(splash screens, banners, wizard decorations etc.). The only downside to
this workaround is that you will not be able to set transparent pixel for
large images, but it is better than not working at all :-). As I said, we
managed to run out of handles only on Win98 as a result of this problem.
Win2k and XP seem unphased.

This includes images in features, plug-ins, fragments etc. It covers both
the images you create programmatically and those you register in plug-in
manifests because Eclipse will eventually create them based on your


Dejan Glozic, Ph.D.
Application Development
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