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[eclipse-dev] FTP and WebDAV target management providers

We are considering moving the FTP and WebDAV target management providers
out of the Eclipse Platform into a separately downloadable and installable

This change involves the following three plug-in: - FTP target management provider (UI, no API) - WebDAV target management provider (UI, no API)
   org.eclipse.webdav - WebDAV protocol (provisional API, no UI)

We are making these changes for two reasons:
- the FTP and WebDAV target management provider plug-ins are relatively new
and their quality is not yet at the same level of the rest of the platform
- to reduce workbench clutter: the UI plug-ins unconditionally contribute
items to the Team menu

The org.eclipse.webdav plug-in contains provisional API and implementation
for talking to WebDAV servers; the API is used by the plug-in. The org.eclipse.webdav plug-in is carried
over virtually unchanged from the 1.0 release, where it was used to support
a provisional core target management facility. The core target management
facility has since been removed, and replaced by
It feels approriate to move this plug-in out of the platform and keep it
with the rest. While we are aware of parties making use of the provisional
WebDAV API for internal tools, we know of no one planning to use it in a
shipping products (which is to be expected, given its provisional status),
and no one that would be severely impacted by this change.

We intend to do this repackaging for F3.  Let us know immediately if this
creates problems that we had not anticipated.

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