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[eclipse-dev] List of RelEng bug fixes destined for F3

Hi folks,

As per the plan here is the list of bugs we intend to fix in the RelEng space for F3.

Bugs may be added or removed from this list as the week progresses.

Will fix:                                                

18269 welcome page should be translatable
18928 doc/ subdirectory missing from help.ui plug-in in binary runtime drops
18711 Initial welcome page includes reference to Java
18766 platform and sdk features should have the standard eclipse image
18836 F2 build. Unknown extension point "org.eclipse.pde.ui.source
19112 about blurb for Eclipse Project SDK features has incorrect URL
19172 features need license agreement
19174 change notice.html in root of eclipse installs
19185 should live in org.eclipse.platform.source p  
19230 F2: HP-UX build has a bogus platform plugin (empty directory)
19423 update site name should be separated in feature.xml  
19432 duplicate swt.jar in fragment root directory
19296 Problem with

May fix:
18611   org.eclipse.sdk.* features should have a welcome page

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