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Re: [eclipse-dev] Running F2 with J9

Andrew, on JRE we need to set LD_LIBRARY_PATH to find the library.  Many people have "." on their LD_LIBRARY_PATH by default and as a result starting eclipse from the eclipse install directory succeeds without doing anything else.

Are you saying this does not work with J9 or is setting LD_PRELOAD the equivalent?

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04/06/2002 11:59 AM
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There are a couple of problems I'm seeing with runningF2  on the latest
J9. The J9 team is looking into some of them, but I've got a couple of
questions on the launcher. Is this the appropriate mailing list?

- For Linux/Motif the J9 arguments are hardcoded  in eclipseMotif.c.  The
arguments are different in the newest J9 release so the launcher doesn't
work with the new J9. Should I open a bug report? If so, which component?

- When bypassing the eclipse executable and running J9 by hand, I can
launch but I get errors in SWT related to Xt and Xm calls. I believe the
issue is one I've seen before and it is being caused by SWT picking up
Lesstif libraries on my machine rather than the correct that is
shipped with eclipse.  When launching with jre I don't see this problem,
but I can't find anywhere in the launch logic where the launcher sets up
the enivronment for making this work . I can manually add a LD_PRELOAD  to
my environment and get it to work, but I'm unsure as to why JRE is working
and not J9.


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06/03/2002 09:06 AM
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       Subject:        [eclipse-dev] Running F2 with J9

There is a patch available if you are trying to run build F2 with J9.
It is available off the Platform Core team web page on
Replace the startup.jar in your installation directory with the folllowing

jar file.
Sorry for the confusion.
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