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[eclipse-dev] Re: [cdt-dev] F1 CDT works under Linux but not Windows


	Thanks for the redirect... I was unsure where to ask. Hopefully this is
a more appropriate forum:

On Thu, 2002-05-30 at 11:42, turnham@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> Hi,
> Not sure I have good answers to any of your questions, but I'll give it a
> go:
> >Some things I've never understood in terms of the process of
> >development:
> >1. Why is the cdt is in a separate CVS archive instead of just being a
> >separate CVS module in the same archive? In fact, with all the Eclipse
> >plug-ins popping up on SourceForge and elsewhere, it would seem that it
> >would make much more sense to encourage these developers to work out of
> >an repository in the name of building a community. Of course
> >if we can't integrate the cdt stuff, I guess it would be silly to expect
> >some random plugin to have a project there...
> This is a question for the folks at (specifically the tools-dev
> mailing list).  We (and GEF) are technically sub-projects of the "Eclipse
> Tools Project" (  The operation of the CDT
> (and GEF) is overseen by the "Eclipse Tools PMC (Project Management
> Committee)", so any changes such as the ones you describe would require PMC
> approval.  Requests\Questions of this sort will get answered on the
> tools-dev mailing-list.
> >2. The CDT build process (though somewhat obscure, much better
> >documented now thanks to Jeff!) at least has a fairly simple "make" kind
> >of interface. Of course all the other components have their own make
> >processes. This is fine, but there should be documentation for each
> >process, and it would help if there was a single top level build process
> >that could bootstrap the whole shebang... So wouldn't it be more
> >efficient to spend a little time cleaning that up in an effort to
> >simplify the process for everyone?
> Again this sounds like a question for the folks at  We are
> nothing more than an extension to Eclipse and rightly have no control over
> how other components build themselves.  Back when we were setting up our
> nightly build processes, we found no standard way for building plugins from
> the command line so we invented our own.  I know other groups that also use
> makefiles, but many use Ant and I even know of one plugin (which shall
> remain nameless)
> that uses REXX ;-).  I think you should post your question about a standard
> way for Eclipse plugins to built from the command line (and a 1-touch build
> everything capability) to the eclipse newsgroup or a mailing-list.
> >Anyway, there's my questions/opinions... They're free and probably worth
> >at least that much :). Thanks for listening.
> Keep 'em coming ;-)
> Jeff.
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