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Re: [eclipse-dev] PDE and plugin sources broken

Source location has changed indeed. The idea is that executables must be
shippable separate from the source code. Source code can be installed as a
separate feature and is delivered via source plug-ins that contribute
source root locations using a new PDE extension point. If you open PDE
preferences, you will notice a new preference page that lists contributed
source locations (one for the platform, JDT and PDE- three in total). These
plug-ins are present in the build because this is Eclipse SDK i.e. it is
expected that SDK has source code. Eclipse included in comercial products
will ship without source by default. If commercial products want to provide
SDK version, they will create a source feature that is separately

I checked the last F2 candidate and source attachements work well and I can
browse source code. If you use binary project self-hosting, PDE will import
source zips and create the usual layout. External plug-ins will use source
locations for source attachments.

Is is possible that you have an old workspace that you didn't update. For
binary projects, reimport the projects (you need to do it anyway when
moving to a new build). If you only have your source plug-ins in the
workspace, just update their classpath - that will cause the attachement to
be recomputed).


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Not sure if this is a build issue and it is certainly not an F2
show-stopper.  I've noticed with the last June 1 integration build on
Windows that while working in PDE it is not possible to find the plugin jar
sources by default.  It appears that the location has been changed and that
the default is to look for the source information in the same directory as
the plugin jar.  I was able to find the sources and change the attachment,
but it was not automatic as it has been in the past.

Does a bug report need to be written for this?  I couldn't find anything in


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