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Re: [eclipse-dev] F2 Candidate 2 now available on

This will be our final  build for today.

My impression from visiting with several of the developers is as follows:
(1) This build works well on Win32.
(2) There are known limitations on Linux.  [The more serious ones include:
GTK (18629, 18616 ) and Motif (18625, 18616)].

We may do another build late tomorrow based on additional feedback from the
component teams.

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F2 Candidate 2 is now available at  It is the most
recent Integration build.  I20020601 with a time stamp of 14:19.

Please keep in mind this is only an F2 candidate and will be promoted to F2
once all teams give their go ahead.

Please send email to this mailing list with your teams go or no go status.
I will check mail periodically throughout the evening and promote the build
when I have all the go aheads.  Call me on my office extension if you need
to get hold of me immediately to report a problem.


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