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[eclipse-dev] Serious problem with build I-20020529: duplicate actions

There is a serious problem with today's integration build.
When you switch between perspectives, if an action set is used by the 
first perspective and not the second, its actions are not properly removed 
from the menubar.
The menus keep growing every time you switch perspectives.  Toolbars are 
not affected.
For example, if you switch between the Java and Resource perspectives, you 
get duplicate menu items in the Run and Search menus.

The PR for this is

We are working on a fix.

A workaround to keep the menus from growing further is to turn off any 
action sets used by one perspective but not the other.  You may still have 
some duplicates.
For example:
- close all perspectives
- open Java perspective
- Window / Customize Perspective / Other...
- deselect Java Debug and Launch
- OK (you'll lose the debug toolbar buttons, but the menu items will 
- open Debug perspective (you'll have duplicates in the Debug menu)
- Window / Customize Perspective / Other...
- deselect Debug, Java Debug and Launch (duplicates remain, but won't get 
- OK

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