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[eclipse-dev] F1 Test Pass is a success

Our first test pass has been a success.  We have opened over 1200 defect
reports.  Although this number appears
daunting, the vast majority of these defects are real, but not critical.
In fact, the overall perception of the F1 test cycle
is that things have held together well.

We are now transitioning into the first fix pass.  As described in the
freeze/test/fix schedule, all fixes must be approved
by your component lead.  We will do integration builds daily - Dean's
previous note has the build particulars.  For
those developers not providing fixes, this is an opportunity for continued
testing.  If you can move forward to the
integration builds as they occur, you will be providing the most useful

There are many defects that need to be addressed; listen to your component
lead to ensure you are addressing the
right ones.  Please stay focused on keeping things stable (and improving)
as we fix defects this week.


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