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[eclipse-dev] New sourceforge project for maven IDE integration

Hi everyone,

I started on integration of Maven in Eclipse and got offered some help
on the netbeans module (on nbdev).  First focus however is the eclipse
IDE. (netbeans and eclipse are the IDE's I used personally btw)

I just created the project page, so it is pretty empty.

If you are interested in joining the effort, it will be highly
appreciated! (I am a beginner on writing eclipse plugins and complete
netbeans modules). Also input from the maven developers would be great,
so we can visualize the ideas behind maven better. 

If someone has other interesting IDE integration whishes, we will add it
to the list of Todo's. 

for people who don't know maven :

The goal is to use maven as a generic project definition for IDE's.
You should be able to :

1) create a maven project definition from existing projects in your IDE
2) setup IDE projects from a maven project definition (as well directly
from eg cvs as from your filesystem)
3) Maintain the maven project definition from an IDE.

The projectpage is :
(sorry about the typo in maven ..)

Martin van den Bemt

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