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[eclipse-dev] F1 is the latest and greatest (not M5)

It has come to my attention that there is an error in the web page that might be causing some confusion.  The "Stable Builds" section of the downloads page is apparently sorting by build name rather than by date. Thus M5 is appearing above F1.

However, you will notice that in the "Latest Downloads" section F1 is listed as the latest stable build.  Also, in the "Stable Builds" section the dates correctly show F1 as the latest build.

All this to say:

        1) If you are after the latest builds you should take them from the "Latest Downloads" section of the downloads page.
        2) F1 is the latest stable build, and the one we are using for this test pass.
        3) I will fix my boneheaded scripts which are sorting wrong.

Hopefully this message will actually decrease confusion rather than increase it.


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