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RE: [eclipse-dev] eclipse and RMI

Since this is a Java development issue, the appropriate place to enter a 
feature request would be the JDT-UI component in bugzilla.

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05/17/02 09:10 AM
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This would make for a good plugin, like the one released recently that 
adds an Appletviewer launch configuration for all classes that subclass 

David Whiteman
OTI Raleigh

"Scott Stirling" <scottstirling@xxxxxxx> 
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05/17/2002 08:57 AM 
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Good question.  A context-menu option for running rmic would be a good
feature, or maybe even an automatic rmic compiler for any class that
extends RemoteObject.  I ran into the same problem a week ago and worked
around it with a shell script and didn't think to log a feature request.

For the time being, did you try putting tools.jar in the Ant classpath?
That should fix the error when using Ant to run rmic.

Scott Stirling
Framingham, MA

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