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Re: [eclipse-dev] Integration build 20020515 - DO NOT USE WITH OLD WORKSPACE

I corrupted 2 different workspaces (which both worked in 0508) using 20020515.
One on Win2K, one on Win98.

The eclipse splash screen comes up, but eclipse doesn't start.
There is no .metadata\.log file.

I was able to capture the walkback by running without the launcher.
Here is the PR:

If you were unfortunate enough to try doing this, and if you had the same problem that I did, I finally figured out that you can go back to 20020508, delete the platform.cfg and platform.cfg.lock files from your workspace .metadata\.config directory, and then you can get your old workspace back. But as far as I can tell you will have to start with a fresh workspace if you want to run in 20020515.


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