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Re: [eclipse-dev] Samples of org.eclipse.swt

Firstly, this is not the place to ask user questions - this email list is for people developing eclipse.
The place to ask user questions is on the eclipse newsgroup.
There are a lot of people monitoring the newsgroup, and your chances of an answer are higher.
To set up your news reader to look at the eclipse newsgroup, use this address:
You need a password to access this newsgroup, so go to:
to request one.

Having said that, however, here is a hint at where you should start:

1) Source code. Download the eclipse SDK from the downloads page and install it. You will find SWT under

The source for SWT (in recent drops) is in:

eclipse/plugins/org.eclipse.swt.<your windowing system>_<version>/ws/<your windowing system>/
To look at it you need to either extract it, or import it into eclipse and set the .classpath properly for your windowing system platform.

2) Examples. Download the eclipse example plugins from the downloads page and install them in the same place as your eclipse SDK. You will then find the SWT examples in the plugins directory in the following directories (add the _<version> to each directory name):
- org.eclipse.swt.examples
- org.eclipse.swt.examples.controls
- org.eclipse.swt.examples.layouts
- org.eclipse.swt.examples.paint
- org.eclipse.swt.examples.launcher
- org.eclipse.swt.examples.ole.win32 (Windows only)
Restart eclipse, and you can run these examples from Perspective->Show View->Other... SWT Examples. If you run the SWT Example Launcher, you can see a description of each example, as well as run it.
To look at the example source code you need to either extract from the appropriate <example>, or import the zip into eclipse (after importing the swt source and setting the .classpath properly for your windowing system platform).

3) Documentation.
3a) The Javadoc for SWT is here:
The SWT package names all begin with org.eclipse.swt...

3b) The Programmer's Guide for Eclipse is here (in Adobe Acrobat Reader's PDF format):
Look in the chapter called "Standard Widget Toolkit"

4) The SWT articles are useful for a more in-depth look at certain topics:  (scroll down to see the SWT articles)
However, you will probably want to read the article on Layouts early on:
If you will be using the StyledText widget, be sure to read:
And if you will be using fonts, colors, cursors, or images, be sure to read:

5) If you have specific questions:

- first see if the answer is in the SWT FAQ:
- then see if the answer is in the SWT "tips & tricks" link:
- then search the eclipse newsgroup to see if someone has already asked the question, because it is quite likely that there is already an answer out there, typically with an example.
- try using the eclipse search facility to search mailing lists and newsgroups:
- if you do not find an answer anywhere, then you can ask your question on the eclipse newsgroup

6) If you want to report a bug against SWT, go to the Bugzilla database at:
- first search to see if the bug was already reported
- if it was already reported and it is not fixed yet, you can add your email address to the CC list to track the status of the bug
- if it was not already reported, then you can open a new bug report against the "Platform" product, "SWT" component. Be sure to say what operating system you are running on, and which drop of eclipse you are using. Also, if there is a stack trace in your workspace/.metadata/.log file, please include that. Also, please include example code if possible, and steps to show the problem.

7) If you want to see a bit of the "project-development side" of SWT, go to this link:

and subscribe to the platform-swt-dev mailing list, but read this page first:
and do not send user questions to the mailing list.

8) If you actually want to try to develop some of SWT, then look through the archives of the SWT mailing list first to see what has been said, how to connect to the repository and set up for developing SWT, etc.


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Dear all,

I am new at PDE and Eclipse. Could you please provide me with some samples of
org.eclipse.swt? It must be a good big help for me to get started!
Thanks in advance!

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