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[eclipse-dev] Patch for serious plugin activation order bug on integration build 20020514

This patch fixes bug on
integration build 20020514. To apply the patch it is only necessary to
replace the org.eclipse.runtime_2.0.0 plug-in by the one provided. In order
to get to the patch, follow this steps: -> projects -> The Eclipse Project -> Platform -> Core ->
Development Resources.

Look under the "Patches" topic and you'll find it.

Please report any problems related to the patch to this list or bugzilla
under the Platform Core component.


                                 To:      eclipse-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx                                                
                      Sent by:                   cc:                                                                             
                      eclipse-dev-admin@         Subject: [eclipse-dev] Do not use build I-20020514                              
                      05/14/2002 07:53                                                                                           
                      Please respond to                                                                                          

Integration build 20020514 is unusable due to a problem with bogus plug-in
activation order.

Please refrain from using it.

---Jim des Rivieres

----- Forwarded by Jim des Rivieres/OTT/OTI on 05/14/2002 07:54 PM -----

                      om                         To:
                      Sent by:                   cc:
                      eclipse-dev-admin@         bcc:
                            Subject: [eclipse-dev]
Build I-20020514 now on

                      05/14/2002 03:15
                      Please respond to

This build is now available on

Any automated test that starts a Workbench on Linux-Motif did not run.
However, the drops for these platforms appear to start.  The appropriate
teams are looking into my the automated test problem.

Please log bug reports for any problems you find.


(Embedded image moved to file: pic19169.pcx)

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