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[eclipse-dev] Changes to Eclipse startup

With todays integration build, the Eclipse platform will be automatically processing the feature information that has been in the past several builds (see eclipse/features/ directory). The most immediate impact of this you will see, is that on the first startup after installing a new Eclipse build, the platform will go through a cycle of updating its runtime configuration and automatic restart.

You will observe the Eclipse splash screen being displayed, than be taken down, redisplayed and eventually taken down when the workbench starts. This is expected behavior "out of the box" (after initial install) and any time the feature information changes.

If you are running applications that make use of "headless" Eclipse, you can suppress this processing by specifying command line argument "-noupdate". This will ignore feature processing. Note: do not use this flag when runing the full Eclipse workbench.

If you experience problems with this support, please open a Bugzilla defect for the platform/update component. Please attach .zip'ed contents of the .metadata directory from your workspace to the defect report.

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