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Re: [eclipse-dev] Copy/Paste bug in Linux-Motif build 20020508

Oops.  That was me.
Fixed in HEAD and fix will be in tommorrow's build.
If it is any consolation, it works in GTK and GTK now lets you copy to all your favourite applications (supports both primary and clipboard copy/paste)  :  )

Jared Burns <jared-eclipse@xxxxxxxxx>
Sent by: eclipse-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx

09/05/2002 08:59 AM
Please respond to eclipse-dev

        To:        eclipse-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
        Subject:        [eclipse-dev] Copy/Paste bug in Linux-Motif build 20020508

There is a bug in the 20020508 integration build for Linux-Motif such that
copying and pasting text in Eclipse appends an extra NULL character into the
pasted text. This will introduce compiler errors if you copy/paste in .java

Recommend not using the Linux-Motif build.

- Jared
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