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[eclipse-dev] SWT Layout Announcements

(The following was also posted to the eclipse corner newsgroup).

This is three announcements in one.
1) There is a new SWT Layout class called FormLayout (as of build 20020411).  Those of you who used Form in VAST or Motif will find it familiar.
2) The "Understanding Layouts in SWT" article has been revised for 2.0, including a new section on FormLayout.
3) There is a new SWT Example called LayoutExample (as of build 20020418). This example can be run standalone, or as an eclipse view. The goal of this example is to help people understand how to use SWT Layouts. You select the type of layout for the example's Composite, and add children to the composite to see how they are laid out. The example gives visual feedback when you modify any of the layout parameters or the layout data for the children. When you have a layout that approximates the look you want for your shell or dialog, you can press the "Code" button to have the layout code generated for you.
*CAVEAT EMPTOR* - The LayoutExample is *NOT* a GUI-builder/VCE. You are stuck with the hard-coded widget set and styles that we provided, you cannot drag/drop widgets to their positions, and you can't modify the contents or labels of widgets, or add listeners, or any of the other fine stuff a GUI-builder would typically provide. Again, I repeat, the goal of this example is to help people understand SWT Layouts. Any resemblance to a GUI-builder is purely superficial and coincidental. We will *NOT* be entertaining requests to turn this into a GUI-builder.
Having said that - enjoy! And please report bugs against FormLayout or LayoutExample directly to the Platform SWT component in Bugzilla.


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