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[eclipse-dev] Integration build status

Hi folks,

Just had word that a few components are very broken.  The new build deadline is 2:00 pm.

However, two things are going to very important.

        1) We can't keep slipping this deadline and
        2) Please do not release and run.

We will need to be able to get a hold of people from the time the build starts until the time the automated tests are done.  If the developers meet the 2:00 deadline we should have a testable build by 3:15 for all platforms.

Each platform will have to be run through a PDE self hosting scenario to make sure we can move forward with this.  Could I please get some volunteers for Solaris, QNX and both flavours of GTK.  I assume that Windows and Linux-Motif will get more than thorough coverage.

For those that are still reading here is an update on the items I sent out yesterday:

Help - Fix is in.
Platform Launcher - Work around is in so -ws will not be needed.  Launcher will be fixed later so we can take our work around out.
GTK2 fragment - Will be delivered - looking good.
Vlad's code - Merged into release stream.
Move feature definitions - We will keep them in the "private" location.  The PMC is approving the public location.  I suspect they will move for Thursday
Legal - Adrian will be looking at this in about an hour.
Change Plugin Versions - You guys seem to be doing this <grin>.  Thanks
Move source zips - They will remain in the "old" location and will work.  They will likely be in the new location by Thursday.

Thanks for all the hard work past and current on this.  Lets get this build underway at 2:00.


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