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[eclipse-dev] Menu reorganization

In today's integration build, there is a major reorganization of the 
Workbench menus. 

The overall intent of the change is to provide all actions for editors and 
the primary views on the main menus, reserving the context menus for 
frequently used actions. 
The JDT component has made corresponding changes in today's build.

The changes are as follows.

The File menu has new items for Revert, Refresh, and Properties.

The Edit menu has new items for Move and Rename. 

The Perspective menu has been removed, and its items have been moved to 
the Window menu.

The Workbench menu has been replaced by the Project menu, and has new 
items for opening, closing, and building individual projects.

There is a new menu, Navigate, which contains Go Into and the Go To 
submenu, used by the Navigator and similar views (e.g. the Packages view 
in JDT UI). It also has reserved groups for Open... and Show In... items, 
although the Workbench itself does not currently add any items to these 
groups. See the JDT UI plugin for a good example of how these should be 

The Preferences item has been moved to the Window menu.

The Decorators submenu has been moved from the Window menu to a new Label 
Decorations preference page.

In addition, JDT adds a new Source menu containing many of the source code 
specific items, some of which were previously on the Edit menu.

Please see the Workbench build notes for more technical details.

We look forward to your feedback in the newsgroup (please post to the 
newsgroup rather than this list).

And, as usual, please use Bugzilla for any problems encountered.

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