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Re: [eclipse-dev] PDE project restructuring


To save us testing time tomorrow, could you please provide concrete steps 
to fix up the .plugin files.


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04/09/02 11:10 AM
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        Subject:        [eclipse-dev] PDE project restructuring

This week, PDE is undergoing major restructuring. This will break projects
in current workspaces AND projects in repositories that have PDE nature.

The following is the list of changes:

1) Old plug-in 'org.eclipse.pde.core' has been renamed into
''. This ID (and the corresponding names) better
reflect the actual content of the plug-in, which is all about Ant scripts
for Eclipse builds.
2) Old plug-in 'org.eclipse.pde' has been renamed into
3) Non-UI parts of PDE (builders, models, natures) are now being migrated
into the newly vacated 'org.eclipse.pde.core' plug-in project.

What are the consequences for those of us who self-host?

* PDE natures and builders are changing IDs. Projects that contain old
nature/builder IDs will cause warnings to appear. These will have to be
manually fixed by editing .project file in the project root.
* Due to a very short notice, PDE team was not able to finish the
migration. Therefore, PDE has been correctly renamed into PDE UI (with all
the package renames and subsequent fixups), but all the non-UI code still
sits in org.eclipse.pde.ui project.
* Bottom line: today's build will contain natures and builders with a
changed ID prefix (org.eclipse.pde.ui). By Thursday, there will be another
change, when natures and builders are moved to their final home, at which
point ID prefix will settle at org.eclipse.pde.core.

Your options are:

* Move to today's build and fix .project files locally to avoid missing
nature/builder errors.
* Use today's build only for testing, and wait until Thursday's build (you
will still have to fix nature/builder IDs, but that would be a final

PDE team is apologizing for any inconvenience this may cause. It was our
last chance to achieve proper separation and layering. We expect to have a
stable structure by Thursday.


Dejan Glozic, Ph.D.
Application Development
IBM Canada Ltd.
Tel. 905 413-2745  T/L 969-2745
Fax. 905 413-4854

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