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[eclipse-dev] Problems with Daylight Savings Time adjustment

There is a problem with daylight savings time which users may experience. 
These issues are outlined below.

Who will be affected:
Users who run with their workspaces living on FAT file systems and have 
their system clocks automatically adjusted for daylight savings time.

Both Core and CVS use the timestamps of the files on disk to represent the 
synchronization information (both local and remote) for resources in the 
workspace. As a result, some users will see strange behaviour after their 
local systems have adjusted their clocks for daylight savings time. 

1). All resources in the workspace will appear to be out of sync with the 
local file system.
2). When synchronizing with the CVS repository, all resources in the 
workspace will look like they contain outgoing changes. (a structure 
compare reveals that they haven't really changed)

Work-around for problem #1:
Users must perform a "Refresh from Local" on all of their projects in 
their workspace.

Work-around for problem #2:
- In Windows, go into your Date & Time properties, click on "Time Zone", 
and un-check the "Automatically adjust clock for daylight savings changes" 
check box.
- Apply changes.
- Refresh from local on all projects in the workspace
- Team -> Synchronize with Repository. Note this should only show the 
changes which are "real"
- Release your changes.
- Change your time zone setting back.
- Refresh from local on all projects in the workspace
- Replace with -> Latest from Repository

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